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File MeHSIP-PPIF Progress Report (EIB)

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Release date 03/06/2010
Contributor jauad
Geographical coverage Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia
Keywords H2020
MeHSIP-PPIF: Mediterranean Hot Spot Investment Programme, Project Preparation and Implementation Facility - A TA operation funded by the European Union – FEMIP Support Fund, April 2010

Team of experts:
George Akl
Alban Mille
Mounir Bushra

The Mediterranean Hot Spots Investment Programme - Project Preparation and Implementation Facility
(MeHSIP-PPIF) is undertaken on behalf of the European Investment Bank (EIB) by a consortium made
up of W.S.Atkins International Ltd, LDK Consultants and Pescares Italia Srl (hereafter known as the
"Consultant"). It is funded by the European Union - FEMIP Support Fund.
MeHSIP-PPIF is designed to help reinvigorate the Horizon 2020 de-pollution initiative in the
Mediterranean partner countries, by supporting the identification and development of projects that will
contribute significantly to reducing pollution in the region. It will thereby facilitate access to regional and
sectoral funds available for such projects.
De-pollution projects that may be eligible for support from potential funding agencies in this region are
in urban wastewater, solid waste management and industrial emissions (air quality and water quality)
sectors in the following countries:
• Algeria
• Egypt
• Israel
• Jordan
• Lebanon
• Libya
• Morocco
• Occupied Palestinian Territory
• Syria
• Tunisia