Cooperation in the Water sector
Union for the Mediterranean

Folder Meetings

Folder Water Expert Group (WEG) Technical Meeting (4th) (13 items)
Folder Ministerial Conference on Water, 22 December 2008, Dead Sea (Jordan) folder is empty
Folder Ministerial meeting on sustainable development projects in Paris, 25 June 2009 (2 folders, 5 items)
Folder First meeting of the Water Expert Group, 7-8 Sept'09, Athens (1 folder, 4 items)
Folder Towards the new Long Term Strategy for Water in the Mediterranean, Cairo, 2-3 Nov'2009 (7 items)
Folder 2nd meeting of the Water Expert Group, 4 Nov'09, Cairo (2 folders, 5 items)
Folder Contribution of local and regional authorities to the Water Strategy of the Union for the Mediterranean, Lyon, 23-24 Nov'2009 (12 folders, 6 items)
Folder 3rd meeting of the Water Expert Group, 25 Feb'10, Madrid (2 folders, 6 items)
Folder IV Euro-Mediterranean Ministerial Conference on Water, 13 April 2010, Barcelona (Spain) folder is empty
Folder For'um, 27 May 2010, Marseille (13 items)