Cooperation in the Water sector
Union for the Mediterranean

Folder Meetings

Folder 5th Water Expert Group (WEG) Meeting, Luxembourg, 23-24 Nov'2015 (4 items)
Folder Water Expert Group (WEG) Technical Meeting (4th) (13 items)
Folder For'um, 27 May 2010, Marseille (13 items)
Folder IV Euro-Mediterranean Ministerial Conference on Water, 13 April 2010, Barcelona (Spain) folder is empty
Folder 3rd meeting of the Water Expert Group, 25 Feb'10, Madrid (2 folders, 6 items)
Folder Contribution of local and regional authorities to the Water Strategy of the Union for the Mediterranean, Lyon, 23-24 Nov'2009 (12 folders, 6 items)
Folder 2nd meeting of the Water Expert Group, 4 Nov'09, Cairo (2 folders, 5 items)
Folder Towards the new Long Term Strategy for Water in the Mediterranean, Cairo, 2-3 Nov'2009 (7 items)
Folder First meeting of the Water Expert Group, 7-8 Sept'09, Athens (1 folder, 4 items)
Folder Ministerial meeting on sustainable development projects in Paris, 25 June 2009 (2 folders, 5 items)
Folder Ministerial Conference on Water, 22 December 2008, Dead Sea (Jordan) folder is empty