Ministerial Conference on Water, 22 December 2008, Jordan
Union for the Mediterranean

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This section includes preparatory documents developed in the framework of the EuroMed and South-Eastern Water Directors conferences, examples of projects submited by countries as well as background information and references. 

 The preparatory process of this Ministerial conference is mainly based on the work of the EuroMed and South-Eastern Water Directors who pointed out the main issues to be addressed by the future long-term Mediterranean Water Strategy in the conclusions of their meeting in Athens in July 2008.

Folder Key theme papers (4 items)
Folder ‘State of Play’ technical papers (3 items)
Folder Examples of projects (5 items)
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Folder Past Euromed Ministerial Declarations on Water (5 items)
Folder Past Euromed water directors declarations (6 items)
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