Ministerial Conference on Water, 22 December 2008, Jordan
Union for the Mediterranean

Ministerial Conference on Water: A calendar of concrete projects from 2009 

Final declaration (English version)

Déclaration finale de la conférence ministérielle


Final press release (English)


Communiqué de presse (Français)


البيان الصحفي الرسمي للمؤتمر


Within the context of the Union for the Mediterranean, a ministerial conference on the water, co-chaired by France, Egypt and Jordan, was held in Jordan the 22 December 2008 with a double objective:

  • To define the main lines of the water strategy for the Mediterranean which should be approved by these same ministers in 2010 and submitted if possible as soon as possible to the Heads of Governments at the time of their second Summit;
  • To mobilise the governance authorities of this Process to set priorities on the identification of infrastructure water related projects in line with this strategy and on the mobilisation of financial organisations in favour of these projects.
On the eve of the ministerial conference (21 December 2008), the civil society prepared a set of recommandations and infrastructures projects were presented.

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